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Im buying a new 58" plasma TV for my HTPC and im confused between two brands , Samsung PN58C8000 and Panasonic TC-P58VT25
Going to use it for Blu-ray, DvDs and some gaming

Keep in mind that the Samsung's Contrast Ratio is 7,000,000:1 on the other hand, Panasonic's 5,000,000:1
Does that make alot of different? and yes the price does matter to me

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  1. the Contrast ratios for Plasma tvs are all marketing. Here is a general rule of thumb when shopping around for flat panels.

    Contrast (higher = truer Blacks and truer Whites)
    LCD < LED-LCD < Plasma

    Plasma TVs have the best blacks because each "cell" or pixel is lit or unlit individually and give off light themselves. An LCD on the other hand has a back light that shines through the LCD cells to produce color resulting in non-uniform brightness and non-true blacks. And LED-LCD is the compromise. It places LED cells behind LCD cells. This way the LEDs can be turned on or off in areas unlike a LCD with a back light where the back light is always on.
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