What\'s the difference between an OS camera lens and an IS lens?

I am buying a Canon EOS T2i and would like an all-purpose lens for vacationing. I am torn between the Canon 18-200 lens,which has IS, and the Sigma 18-250 lens, which has OS (although they describe it as Image Stabilization. Is it the same thing?
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  1. Yes, it is. OS is Optical Stabilizer for sigma.

    You can check the review here http://www.ppmag.com/web-exclusives/2009/06/review-sigma-18-250mm-f35-63-d.html

    One thing is that Canon is more reliable than the Sigma, though again, they all performed good enough. I use the canon IS lenses and I like them.

    Have fun.
  2. I have seen a bit of Lag with the Sigma's (more so then canon). Otherwise, yes, good enough.
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