Samsung P2350 or P2370?

Ok so I checked Sam's club and they sell the P2350 for 200 and in best buy they sell a P2370 for 270. What is the difference between the two? I mean they both have the same size, same resolution, same contrast ratio......

But why is the newer one the extra 70? What's the difference? Is it worth spending the extra 70 for a P2370 over the Samsung P2350?

Oh and I also wonder what is 16:10 ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio? Which one is more wide screen and which one is more better to get?

And what is that monitor driver CD? Do I need it? What does the driver do? Is it just the same thing just reinstalling for the monitor or something? Thanks.
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  1. I was just wondering the same thing yesterday when out shopping for my wife's birthday. The Samsung P2350 at Sam's or the P2370 at Best Buy?? Seems the only difference is the P2370 is lighter in weight and consumes a bit less power. This for $70 more? I don't think so. So I bought the P2350.
  2. Yeah I bougth that one too, and the P2350 has more brightness and is just a little thicker.

    Now I'm wonder what a monitor driver is and what will it do? Will it make it better? I have the monitor driver CD should I install it or not? Monitor worked right out of the box. What is the CD Driver for? Thanks.
  3. Installing lcd drivers arent really necessary, they just show in display properties the lcds name! Display performannce improves by a graphic card.
    So, m also planning to buy one of those lcds, money isnt the issue but performance matterz. So P2350 or P2370? As read reviews of P2370 & they say it has poor movie performance,washedout colours & doesnt show greys as black as it should with dynamic contrast ratio hyped at 50000:1( 1000:1) typical.
    So ppl who hv bought P2350, hows its movie performance?
  4. I have the P2350 I am very happy with it. =]
  5. I bought P2350 a couple of months ago, right now its connected to my on board video(analog). Downloaded the latest software magicbright from samsung site, lets you control colour, brightness etc. without the need to touch panel buttons. As far as movie performance its good, most of them are secretmyth brrip. Need to see how it performs in digital connected to a GPU. Set the preset to movie, full color and dynamic contrast on in panel settings.

    After two days i got a dead pixel (green dot), registered a complaint. Tech ppl said panel has to be changed. After nearly two months still they couldn't get a panel. Service is very poor.

  6. I bought the P2350 from Sam's Club in January becuase the price seemed too good to be true - besides, I had used 17" and 20" Samsung monitors in the past. Now, I can tell you there IS a reason for the cheap price and a reason no one else sells these monitors. My screen turned pinkish after three weeks. The color cast could not be adjusted out so I returned the defective monitor to Sam's. Because of my past experience with Samsung, I did a swap-out for another P2350. The new one started turning itself off after one week. At first it happened once every two days . . . then the problem increased to once an hour. So I returned the second monitor for a refund. After experiencing two defects in a row, I have a better understanding of why Sam's is the only retailer with these and why they are so cheap. Oh, by the way, I am forgetting about that new Samsung 55" LED TV I was thinking about.
  7. Have had my 2350 for several months now. Movie performance is solid via digital connection to SLI video. Gaming is amazing and I can't say enough how fantastic this monitor is. Reguardless of price I would recomend the 2350 to anyone.
  8. I have a P2350 that I purchased from Sams about 4 months ago and it was working very good, but now I am having picture issues. I can see darker cast diaganol lines almost shadows going down the entire screen. Does anyone have the issue, or know of a solution? Any and all input is appreciated, thanks.
  9. Got mine (P2350) about a month and a half ago and I have no complaints monitor I've ever owned. If you've never owned a high(er) end monitor you'll be blown away.

    I play games (Mass Effect 2 and Starcraft 2 to date) which look awesome and amazing!
    I watch full HD movies (lots, Alice in Wonderland was intense on this thing) which also look awesome and amazing!

    IMO worth every penny.

    @You guys with problems, there is a 1 year warranty on these things (Samsung's website says 3 years ?!) ...I hope mine doesn't break, but I still have a SyncMaster 152N (ancient budget 15 incher) it has a black dot where someone broke the display, but is still kicking strong after 5+ years. My experience with Samsung products in general has been better than most 'name brands'.
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