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Sony DSC-S70 Cybershot Pro Duo memory stick compatibility

According to Sonystyle website their Mark 2 Memory stick Pro (2 or 4 GB) using their MSAC-M2 adapter is supposed to work in my camera. I went through all three tiers of their tech support who parrot the same thing. According to my investigation to date this is not true. I bought the adapter based on their input plus two 2GB and two 4GB ProDuo memory sticks. Each time I inserted the ProDuo/adapter into my cameras memory stick slot I got the "memory stick error" C:13:01. Camera shops in the Phoenix area say that the ProDuo/adapter combination will not work in my camera. Today I called a Sonystyle store in Calif. They looked on the Sony e support site and the information says that both the Pro and Pro Duo is supposed to work however the person I talked to said that others like me have tried to get either stick to work in my camera model to no avail. In my own case I checked each disk I tried on my camera using a Sony read/write disk reader connected to my PC and the Pro and Pro Duos all checked out. I did notice that the file system format for the Pro Duo is FAT32 where as on my original 64 MB working disk it is FAT. At first I thought that might be the problem however my understanding is that the FAT32 is backwards compatible with FAT. However the Sonystlye store in Calif said that even though that is true the Sony firmware in my camera is not set up to handle FAT32. I've wasted hours talking to Sony tech support who offers non value added parroted comments. Is there someone out there that understands the problem who can offer a solution for me to increase my memory stick size. I'm currently using a 64MB MSA-64A Sony memory stick in my camera. I’d like to have GB capability if possible. To cover all bases my camera works fine with my 64MB memory stick.
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    I would not place much faith in any tech support usually located in foreign countries. I will not put up with their arrogance and ignorance.

    My suggestion is to try to take this camera and accessories to a Sony store and speak to someone technical there. They would be in a better position to tell you whether it will work or not. They may also have options for you.

    Camera retailers (stores) also may be able to help.
  2. The reply while informative covered ground I already communicated in my original inquiry. My original inquiry clearly indicates I had already talked to the several Sonystyle stores closest to my location in Arizona. I had to go outside AZ because the only Sonystyle stores that were in AZ. closed down. I talked to a store in Texas as well. One said that a customer with a similar complaint came in and after some time they were able to get the proDuo to work by changing the pixel size. That was on a different camera than what I have. The only option I had on my camera was to change the image size. I tried the smallest size and that did not solve the problem. Again I believe the problem is the file system structure between FAT and FAT32. My opinion is that the firnware within the camera is not designed to handle larger file structures despite Sony's clain on their websites that the produo will work. There websites aren't even consistant. One site says that both the Pro and Produo will work and another site indicates only the ProDuo will work. Reply to my inquiry was not helpful. Thanks for trying.
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