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Hello guys i have a dell xps 630i, i accidently changed my bios too default setings and now all im getting is missing operating system. Can anyone help me with thisw problem?
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  1. If someone has a 630i or knows someone, or can just tell me what to change the bios settings back to i can do that, i just rushed and hit default not realising that would be a problem.
  2. Sounds like the hard drive settings need to be renewed, or boot order changed to boot from hard drive. You'll have to check these manually within the BIOS setup screens.
  3. there is 1st 2nd 3rd and other boot device, so i need 1 as hard drive, what about the rest ? i tried hd as first but still not working
  4. So long as HD is first you'll boot but only if the HD is being recognised correctly by the BIOS. So go to that page of the BIOS screens as well.
  5. i have hard drive as main boot option but still not working, how do i check that the drive is recognised?
  6. explore the bios setup screens
  7. have done but cant find it, and if i did i did not know it sorry
  8. Is the boot order screen listing the drives by name/brand -- in which case it has probably recognised the drive.

    I'm not sure what else to recommend if you don't know what you're doing.

    In this situation I would switch boot order to CD/DVD first and try inserting a Win7 or WinXP or Win98 install disk and see if the computer can boot from that (though obviously don't try installing Windows again). This would help narrow down whether the fault is with the computer or the hard drive.

    I suspect you need to take the computer to a repair guy or a friend who's good with computers.
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