Gaming Headset - Speedlink Medusa vs. Roccat Kave

I'm looking to buy a gaming headset with surround sound. I really don't know much about headsets and how to tell which one is better than the other. I've done some research and heard really good things about these 2 headsets in particular.

The Roccat Cave seems to be a little more expensive, but is it better? They both claim to support REAL 5.1 Surround Sound.

Also, I hear that the newest and most expensive headsets come with sound card like devices with the headset. While the Medusa doesn't say much about it, the Roccat Kave says it requires a sound card. Can someone expand on this topic to me a little bit?

Also I can't seem to find any information about the warranties of these 2 companies, does someone know them?

I have a creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card, will it do?

Any information is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you have a good sound card already, you could get a stereo headset. 5.1 headsets are gimmicky beasts, when you think of it for a moment... Besides, both options you listed seem rather exotic to me. Why experiment with brands as little known as these when there are well known and tested products from Logitech, Creative, Razer, Sennheiser and so on?

    This wrap-up review might really help:

    Note that the winner there is a USB headset called Sound Blaster Arena. This is an overkill for you (you have a good sound card already) but there is a USB-less version (in black) called Fatal1ty MkII, incidentally the same brand as your sound card ;)
  2. The two he mentioned happen to be the best available surround headsets/headphones available under 300 bucks and are well documented to be better than most/all comparable market leader solutions. The medusa's have much larger ear cups, a fuzzy cup instead of a sweat magnet rubber one and seem much less bulky and the kave's headband cushions have been noted to cause discomfort as they don't distribute the weight as evenly as a simple continuous cushion, However the Roccat has better build quality and better quality components like aluminum hinges.

    here's a comment i picked up on the interwebs;


    I've had the medusa in the past, had a razer barracuda also, and fatality, now I currently have the roccat kave.

    I personally would advise the roccat kave if you have the money free, there by far one of the better headsets I've had in a long time. Only problem I have with the roccat is the bass gets abit disorientated at high volumes, but thats full blast.

    The madusa was good but it was heavy, bulky, ugly. The cheaper option would be madusa, but for quality and precision I would go for the roccat kave anytime.

    It is by far the best I have used, precision is great, music sounds awesome, also noise cancellation is pretty decent. The price is definatley worth it.


    gone through a few other forums and the general consensus seems to be that they are both good, but the kave is great.


    OK just my opinion, I cant speak about the g35 is I have not tried them to due the fact that they don't utilize the high end sound card I have, but I can big up the Roccat as I have a pair and have come from the Medusa 5.1's, no question at all the sound quality is better and the remote panel just works a treat.


    also, they are both REAL 5.1 (6 speakers total), they both need a 5.1 sound interface, whether it be integrated or dedicated (as-well as USB for power) and just be concerned what warranty the store provides, that will make returns a-lot easier.
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