Need some open-air circumaural headphones for gaming.

Hi. Back in the day, I had a pair of Sony MDR-CD180 headphones. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Not too much base, comfortable, not expensive, and open air, so I could hear what's happening around me. Those have since broken and I've not yet been satisfied with any replacements. I got a pair of Panasonic X900s, and they sound good, but they're not as comfortable and they're closed.

What I'd like is a pair of circumaural headphones (completely cover my ear, not resting on my ear at all), open-air (so I can hear my friends talking around me while I have my phones on, and for under $50.

What can I get? What are the goods these days?
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  1. Well, as far as open headphones go, I've always liked Grado. You should be able to get the SR-60 or SR-80 for around that price.
  2. Those are not circumaural.
  3. True. They beat any circumaural though in that price range by a significant margin, at least in my opinion.
  4. Comfort as well?
  5. Depends. I find them comfortable, but I know some who disagree. That's really a matter of personal opinion. They sound amazing though.
  6. well ifs its for gaming, wouldnt u consider a mic as well?
    or are u gonna have seperate.
  7. No Mic. don't play online, just LAN with friends in the same room.
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