How to make a Bootable win 7 DVD from an ISO File?

I downloaded the WIN 7 64bit .iso file from microsoft and burned it to a dvd. I have a Dell E6400 with a wiped hard drive that I want to load Windows 7 onto. I put the burned dvd into the e6400 and change the boot order to CD/DVD drive but it doesn't run. Is that burned DVD not bootable? I downloaded MagicDisk but I'm clueless, I want to be able to put the DVD into the e6400 and it self load the paid for copy of windows 7. Thanks in advance.
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  1. When you use a software burning program, you have to make sure that you select
    "Burn Image to Disk" or something comparable, depending on the program. You can't copya data disk; only burn image.

    When you check the properties of the disk you burned, is it showing an iso extension?
  2. Try using imgBurn to create bootable DVD. And Microsoft offers free advice on how to burn an iso
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