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I need a simple way to record my guitar performances onto cd. I'm looking for a dual cassette player, then a way to convert the final cassette product to cd (or onto my computer where I can burn a cd). I'm not technology smart, so I'm looking for something simple. Anyone have an idea?
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  1. The cheapest way to create CD from cassette is to download the sound recording program called Audacity -- it's free and relatively simple. You link the cassette deck to the computer via the computer's audio line in and record onto the hard drive. You are given the option to save the resulting tracks to WAV files from which a CD can be burned using Windows Media Player (though there are better burning programs).

    There are standalone CD recorder decks which will also link to a cassette recorder -- Philips, Sony, Pioneer come to mind but they are around $300, need special "Audio" CD-R discs -- which are expensive compared to computer discs and hard to find.

    I've never heard of CD recorder equipped with a dual or single cassette deck.

    You can record direct to the computer without a cassette deck if you have a way of capturing your guitar playing -- via a pickup or a microphone which will provide a sufficient signal level for the computer's line or mic input.
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