Acer aspire 7520 will not boot

it just went off suddenly, no shutdown.
now it wont switch on at all.
i press the on button and the power light comes on as well as the fan for about 1 second, then the power light flashes on and off untill i pull the battery and power.
any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like the system board at first you get any system Beeps as it turns on ? Is the battery flat, if the battery could be flat, have you checked the fuse in your AC adaptor, eliminate the basic stuff first ?
  2. It could be the processor has failed; this is quite common on laptops that have overheated by being used in bed on the duvet or on a similar surface.
  3. I had the same would try to boot and then shut down and then try to boot again.It took more than a year to get it up and going again and the fix cost nothing.All i did was unplug from the power cord and try to boot again...when it starts its loop just leave it until you flatten the battery...i left it overnight.The next morning i plugged it the charger back in and tried to boot again and it was up and going again.I hope the problem that you have is the exact problem i had.You've got nothing to losa....give it a try...hope it works for you.
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