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computer won't get past load screen

Last response: in Components
September 27, 2005 4:20:50 AM

When I turn on the computer, it will not get passed the first load screen. It's a somewhat old, P2 400mhz Dell desktop with some small changes, but everything worked fine for a long time then yesterday, it wouldn't loading past first dell screen. You can press escape and it says you can open up setup by pressing delete, which if you proceed to do, the computer doesn't do anything for a long time. I have no idea where to start to fix this problem.

Also, the CD drive will not open up either so I can't even put in the windows disk to boot from. Anyone have any ideas?

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September 28, 2005 2:17:34 AM

Likely a failing power supply. It's non-standard, but has a standard shape/size/connectors. If you put a standard power supply in, you'll fry something.

Assuming it is the power supply, you'll need a Dell replacement power supply from that erra, I keep one on hand for such emergencies

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September 28, 2005 6:25:21 PM

Try disconnecting the cd-rom cable from the motherboard. Thats if it has a seperate cable for the hard drive and cd-rom. The bios can stick trying to identify drives that are connected but not working correctly.
Also check the power connection on the cd-rom while you have the case open.