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I have an odd problem with my T61 (model: 7664, type: 19G, OS: Windows XP SP2). Every now and then after booting up my PC I get an really odd looking screen: it is as if transparent (double view would be more correct because the layer I'm seeing is actually a copy of the correct view only shifted a bit). Also the view has a vertical stripe pattern. It is very hard to describe, so I've made couple of images.

Here is a photo of a normally functioning screen: http://bayimg.com/bAeJNAACN
Here is a photo of this odd phenomenon: http://bayimg.com/CaEjbAACn
And a screen shot showing the same: http://bayimg.com/CAEjcAAcN

What I know is, that:

- The resolution/bit depth and refresh rate is right
- It is only display related, a screen shot confirms that - the shot is right, the photo isn't
- It is LCD panel related, because this never happens on my external display
- It is not related with me not installing the newest video driver, because I've tried few of the newest versions to no avail.

What helps:

- Rebooting the PC
- Changing the video output from panel to external couple of times
- Sometimes even waiting a bit helps

Does somebody have a clue or any ideas of what test could be performed to sort this one out? Thanks for any kind of input.


P. S. I've posted this on the official lenovo forums, but also here so that maybe more tech oriented people could have a look at this.
Original forum thread: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T61-and-prior-T-series-ThinkPad/Odd-semi-transparent-or-so-screen-problem/td-p/175436
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  1. This certainly sounds like an inverter issue. Lucky for you, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

    The only real way to test the inverter for frequency issues is to use a mid-range multimeter (never actually touch contacts to any leads)...it can pick up the frequency from several CMs away.

    As this probably isn't an option for most users - I reccomend you purchase a new inverter (whichever one is made for your model) from somwhere you can return it to if it does not fix your issue. They can range from under $10 to $70 typically. Ebay is a great market for these so long as your verify the part number and check feedback score.

    Best of luck!
  2. Thanks for the input ampedal!

    Well it most likely is an option for me - after all, the reason I turned to TomsHardware is because I'm really into tech stuff and yes I do own a multimeter, even an oscilloscope. So could you provide some more info on:

    - What I'm looking for (what kind of frequency issue are we talking about)
    - How come something related to the back-lighting could create such regular pixelated artefacts like (kind of) transparent double view.

    Thanks again
  3. Awesome - I'm impressed.

    You can refer to this article for the basics:


    I would say that because your problem involves stripe problems and double vision it is 99% either an inverter, graphics card, or driver issue (in that order).

    It sounds very much like an inverter issue. And we're going to keep our fingers crossed that it's not the graphics card.

    So give that test a shot and let us know how it goes.
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