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Hello this is my first HTPC build, i have done the research and gathered the information for the hardware, I have the parts in the mail and it will be constructed soon.

Now I am trying to get an idea for the best software for what I want done. I am using Windows 7 64-bit.

1. I plan to use Windows Media Center to watch tv/movies/record TV. any comments on this for the configuration/addons would be great.

2. I need to stream this TV/movies/recorded tv to my Xbox which will be in another room connected via Wireless N

3. I also need to stream this to any laptop/desktop in the house.

4. Playing/Ripping blu-ray movies through the player and saving them virtually for transfer/streaming.

5. I also would like to remote control this pc from anywhere, outside my network and within. (without using remote desktop connection.)

6. Configurations for my router for best streaming options.[my router is the Linksys E3000 high performance wireless-n]

7. I don't know if this is possible but i would like to use this PC to play games off of and stream the video/controls to other computers in the house.

8. any other configurations for windows firewall/software that would be optimal.
There is probably more, but they have not risen at this time.

9. any other suggestions for features/other things im missing.

I perfer Freeware but if something really stands out of the crowd I dont' mind purchasing some software as long as it doesn't get updated like every year and have to purchase new versions all the time.
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  1. I can only comment on what I have experience with.

    For Point 2. Easy: Your PC should see the xBox if both are on and connected to the same network. Then you just set up the xBox as an extender.

    For Point 3. Again this is simple. If these computers have Vista+ Media Center you can set up sharing so the computers can talk to your HTPC and access Media center files.

    Point 4 will be the same as Point 3 just make sure your sharing is enabled.

    Point 8, your router should take care of your security. If everything is working on your home LAN there is nothing extra to set up.

    As for your other points I can't comment directly only speculate and for fear of speculating you down the wrong path I'll keep my mouth shut. Oh and happy HTPCing!
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