Packard Bell iPower X3.0 front hdd expansion bays?

Hi sorry to sound like a dumbass, but I have a packard bell ipower x3.0 and have filled the hard drive, I was just wondering what sort of drives i need to put into the front expansion bays, cheers

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  1. Any brand of 3.5 inch drive and probably any capacity but just check (see specs of computer) that the computer uses SATA or IDE (probably SATA) and if there is limit on capacity of drive -- select your drive accordingly.

    I wouldn't put more than one new drive in as you may reach the safe limits of your power supply.
  2. ok Thanks for you speedy response, and help.
  3. Quote:
    ok Thanks for you speedy response, and help.

    Did you get a hard drive for the ipower PC world sold me a 1TB Hitach1 sata but I cannot get oit to fit
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