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The following sentence is from HD round-up article: "Other important factors include noise output and heat dissipation, both of which have been the subject of serious improvements in recent years. In general, all drives are pretty quiet these days; other than a quiet hum or whirr from the spindle, only drive head movements contribute to noise output."

I have read many tests and articles related to HDs. I never noticed comments or measurements of the noise that the drive head movement contributes. I have 2 ultra silent drives from Maxtor and from Seagate. They are silent when idle. But head movement makes them more noisy than any of my 3 normal Samsung drives.

I would like to know what brands are silent also while reading/writing. Any recommendations or links to sites with such tests?
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  1. Maxtor is the worst. I don't know if their drives were designed by chipmunks but they make a racket.

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