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Hey everyone

Ya so I could use some help on which computer speakers to get. I do not have a sound card if it matters and i am looking into 2.1 speakers. Right now I am interested in the logitech z2300. I mostly game listen to music and watch movies on my computer. So would the z2300 be good for what i use the computer for? I noticed that they are kind of pricey compared to other 2.1 speakers is there much difference between them and other speakers?
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  1. The Z2300 isn't bad. The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 sounds a bit better, and I would recommend it instead, but the sub isn't quite as powerful (it goes plenty loud for me though - it certainly isn't weak). If you want the most bass possible, the Logitech is a good choice, but otherwise I'd go with the Klipsch.
  2. or if u have more to spend, go for razer mako, im not a razer fan, but to me it sounds absolutely wonderful.
  3. I looked at the razer mako and seen reviews it gets as low as 3/5. I think people only buy it is razer branded.... The price is ridiculous also if you ask me im using this for computer and it is 2.1 id be better off getting the logitech 5500. I might as well just save up and get a home threatre system instead of that.

    I will just stick with the logitech z2300. Also is there much difference between having a sound card and not having one with this system?
  4. see more reviews, its far more superior too any logitechs out there.
  5. but why would you pay like 400 bucks for a 2.1 setup when you can get a really good 5.1 setup for that much money? Just does not make sense to me sorry.
  6. well surround sound isnt everything is it?

    doesnt the price of 2.1 being the same of 5.1??

    the quality of razer excels and some have sed it even beats the kplisch pro media, and the AE aego m

    and if u do see reviews that give poor rating to razer mako, then i can tell u that they are logitech lovers; logitechs know for producing muddy audio, u could clean it slightly with very good sound card, but that isnt very practical...

    but if ure taste of music, is towards the bassy side, then logitech is the answer, however if its faithful and transparent audio, the kplisch acoustic energy and razer mako is the answer

    ps. razer only desinged the enclosure of the speaker, but the electronics, the amplifier and the audio drivers are all DESIGNED BY THX, not just certified but DESIGNED

    sorry i cant type, its freezing in teh UK
  7. well dude sorry but i am not paying twice as much for already quality 2.1 speakers.
  8. m8, thats alright, i was just suggesting.
  9. MEgamer said:
    m8, thats alright, i was just suggesting.

    The mako is overpriced because it is Razer. In every comparison I've seen, it is said to be not worth the money. I would still tend to lean towards the Klipsch over the Logitech, but either would probably do fine for what you need.
  10. The problem with that statement is that if you're going to spend that kind of cash on computer speakers, they aren't worth the money. You could get any one of these instead, all of which sound better:
  11. they will sound just as gd.
  12. problem with maudio is that nots for near field listening, it aint gonna be affective if u are far away.

    audio engine, will have similar performace, excpet of cos lack of bass

    anyway most of teh money were spent on new techonologies on the mako
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