potential problem with hard drive?


i just ran hd tune and it told me that i failed reallocated sector count.
i also ran O&O driveled and this is what i got

Model: WDC WD800BB-00CAA1

Revision: 17.07W17 Ser.Nr: WD-WCA8E4324135

Date of creation (Week/Year) -
Running time 631 Days, 11 Hours
Boot procedures (max.) 1683 (10000)
Data read (GB) n/a
Data written (GB) n/a
Corrected read errors 0
Corrected write errors 0
Uncorrected read errors 1
Uncorrected write errors 0
Positioning errors (seek) 0
Temperature (°C) n/a

Attribute Name Current Threshold Worst

Read Error Rate 200 199 0
Spin up time 109 99 0
Start/Stop count 99 0 99
Reallocated Sectors 199 0 199
Seek Error Rate 200 200 0
Power on Hours 80 80 0
Spin retry 100 100 0
Attrib 11 100 100 0
Drive Power cycle 99 0 99
Reallocated Sectors 199 0 199
Pending sectors 200 200 0
Uncorrected Sectors 200 0 200
UDMA CRC Errors 200 253 0
Write Error rate 200 0 200

do i have to worry about those 2 results even though my hard drive works just fine?

thank you in advance.
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  1. Too much detail for me. I prefer utilities that give me a simple pass/fail.

    I use Seagates Online test to check Smart Status and run a complete Drive Self Test. That or if rebooting is convient the maker utility found on the latest version of ultimate boot cd.

    I suggest you run a DST however anyway you feel like and use the same utility to check the smart status.

    If everything passes then you know the problems are not serious, if it fails then you know they are. :)
  2. thanks for the advice,i'm gonna try the western digital diagnostic tools and see what it tells me.From now on i'm gonna make my backup more frequently just to be on the safe side.
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