Replace cable/satellite with Internet TV???

I browsed around the web for answers to this and I'm pretty sure there is nothing that I'm looking for is available right now but I thought I'd ask anyways...

I want to watch TV shows on my TV WITHOUT cable or satellite service HOWEVER, I want to watch them similarly as I would with cable or satellite. I know there are all kinds of services like hulu, netflix, amazon, etc etc that allow you to watch cached or sometimes live shows but that's not what I want.

I want live tv programming streamed from the internet to my TV. I also want to be able to switch channels. I know streaming all channels at once to a computer is not even remotely possible right now but streaming one channel at at time should be and being able to easily select which channel also should be.

I also don't expect this kind of service to be Free. Upon searching for something like this I get inundated with free services. I would like to pay for this kind of service if it gets me what I want using my HTPC.

A channel line up offered by basic/mediocre cable/satellite providers is all I'm untested in (CNN, Fox, HGTV, Food Network, Spike, FX, USA, TNN, Comedy Central, local stations, just to name a few and I want it all live. I don't want to go to each individual website and find some cached show. I want to watch what's playing now.

Is there anything out there like this????
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  1. I don't believe such a service exists. The only way (that I know of) to do this is through your local cable/satellite provider. The closest you could come to something like this is to install an ATSC TV Tuner in your computer; connected to an antenna capable of receiving OTA digital broadcasts, but that's only going to get you local broadcasts.

    -Wolf sends
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