Is this UPS good for my computer

Here is the link to the UPS i was thinking about getting.

Would this be sufficient for my computer, running a Phenom II X4 975 BE Processor, and a Radeon HD 6850 Graphics Card, along with my LCD Monitor, and 600 watt PSU. All i need is a few minutes of battery power, like 5 minutes, dont need it to last 10-20 minutes. Would this be sufficient. Don't want to spend the extra cash on power measuring equipment. Dont need to know exact amount of battery time, as long as it lasts a couple minutes before running out. Thanks :)
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  1. 600 watts + the watts specified by the monitors = ups size

    you are asking us to hunt down all of your hardware to add up the watts for you.
    not going to happen.
    do it yourself.

    you didnt even give us the model number of your lcd monitors.
    get what you give.
  2. No, no, sry. I didn't expect someone to lookup all of my hardware for me and add up the watts. I just wanted to know if someone had a similar setup and what there's was pulling, as a comparison, or what the average gaming rig pulled. Thanks for your help :)
  3. glad you got the exact request out there for people to read.
    i hope you get some comparisons for your research.
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