Razer Gaming Mice-any suggestions?

I'm building a high-end gaming system, and everybody knows that a high-end system needs high-end peripherals ;). I like the Razor gaming mice, but not really sure which one to get. I'm leaning toward the Lachesis, but idk. I don't know anyone that has one, so i'm looking for some input. Anyone have one that they really like(or really don't like)? Or, does anyone know a good alternative?
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  1. I really like the razor Lachesis and the razor mamba these are the two best for gaming in my opinion, the Lachesis has 4000dpi and the mamba has 5600dpi which is the two highest Ive ever seen, the Lachesis isn't wireless ( a wired mouse is usually better ) but the mamba can be both which will fit everyone's needs.
  2. Well, it isn't Razer, but I have a Logitech G9 and love it. IIRC, the new G9x has 5000DPI as well, although honestly, the high DPI figures are as much for bragging rights as for anything else. All you need is for the sensor to be more accurate than your ability to move the mouse (of course, if you think you can control the mouse in 1/5000" increments, then you would need 5000DPI). It's comfortable, I love the features, and it's overall a great mouse.
  3. I personally like the logitech G5 and G7, mainly due to the feel of the mice. That's just personal preference though.
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