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My canon camera keeps showing this error memoy card lock

hello to all!
I have a canon camera that I love! but now when I try to take pictures it shows this " camera ship lock" or memory card error" "memorycard lock" I have no idea what is going on.
I look a the memory card and the lock is down,and if I use it in another camer is ok,but I put it back in the canon and it shows lock?
any ideazs?
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    If the card works in another camera and not in the Canon, then the problem is in the 'Canon + Card' combination. Use a magnifying glass and ensure that the lock is indeed in the open position, and that there is nothing sticking or impeding the 'open'.

    You can also try using a different memory card in the Canon and see how that functions. This will help isolate the problem.
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