Decibel Level Expected by Stereo Receiver Input

I'm trying to listen to my MacBook Pro iTunes library through my stereo receiver. I have a PreSonus Firestudio Mobile for recording guitar so I figured I could use that for music playback as well.
So, I hooked the presonus left/right monitor outs to an available line level input on my Rotel receiver. The presonus has its own volume control so I have it set to 75% (-10db) and this is where it sounds best. I then control the volume with the receiver.
My question is: is this safe? I don't want to ruin the receiver. How high of a signal does a line level input on a receiver expect?
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  1. put both at a level, where overheating or high wattage compsumtion, is balanced out, try out 50 50 first, then move the voluem about to get teh optimum result.

    i dont think ull put much risk int othe receiver anyway, unless ure outputting like well continuosly at -0dB (max)
  2. It should be fine.
  3. Thanks guys. The responses are much appreciated and helps put my mind at ease.
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