Toshiba sd2010kb troubleshoot unsupported usb

i bought a toshiba 2010kb dvd player with usb port, i bought a 32gb usb pen and put movies on it and the dvd player played it fine. so i put the pen back into my laptop to add more movies but got a pop up telling me i had to format the usb pen. i pressed the quick format button and added more movies to it, but when i put the pen into the dvd player it now says unsipported usb. can anyone help ? it does play my other usb pen (sandisk)
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  1. This may be down to the file system. the DVD only supports FAT system rather than NFTS. Look at the properties of your USB stick. There is software on the net to convert the file system over.
    Should work when you sort this one!
  2. i totally agree.. when you formatted it, you probably changed the method of file storage.

    there are only a few available.

    if your operating system doesnt give you the opportunity to use a different file storage method, you will need to find a program that allows the choice (or at least one that will erase what is there and use the different method).
  3. I have had the same problem. I have transferred some movies to my external hard drive. I have checked the properties of this hard drive and the file system is exFAt32. Movies are in AVI format. However, when I plug my external hard drive into the USB port on the Toshiba sd2010kb, I keep getting unsupported USB message. Please someone tell me how I can rectify this to enable movies to be played on DVD player via external hard drive
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