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I have a 512 mb DDR 400 running at DDR 333 (2-3-2-5) in my home machine and I have a 256 mb DDR 333 (2.5-3-3-6) lying around at office. I need to add the memory and the processor is Athlon XP 3000 so the memory won't go over 333 anyways, but I am wondering how slow my system will become by adding the 256 mb stick ? Would it be a big hit on gaming performance (I already have a fx 5500 card in the system)?

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  1. The extra 256MB will actually help in memory intensive games. Have you checked your BIOS to see if you can alter the memory settings?

    Your best bet for improved performance in games is to get a better graphics card! What games do you play? Want to play?

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  2. There are no settings in my BIOS for memory or anything else. I play Empire Earth 2, Stronghold 2, Warcraft III.
    So what you are saying is even if 256 is slower, the overall performance will increase because of additional memory right?
    Upgrading the graphics card is not an option right now because of my budget.
  3. Additional memory does not help performance unless you actually use the additional memory.

    If you are always using less that 512MB of memory, then the additional memory will decrease your performance (not by any noticible amount).

    [CTRL + ALT + DEL --> performance tab. peak] will give you an idea of how much memory you used during your last boot.

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