How to recover pics from a formatted sd card

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I downloaded pics on my camera to my iPad2 which was stolen the following day (Won't bore you with the sorry details). I had then formatted my camera and have now lost the photos. I downloaded cardrecovery and paid for the full version. It downloaded 10 pics which I had taken on my camera after formatting...there were 57 on it so not that happy. I then downloaded and had a look at Stellar phoenix. It did a much better job...recovering all 57 photos....but none of the 300+ that I had previously on the camera. Anyone out there have any idea on what program I should use. These photos are very important and don't mind paying as long as I get results. My camera is a casio and the card is an SD 1 gig. Both probably in the region of 5-6 years old but working perfectly.

Thanks to any that can help.
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  1. My grateful thanks tol who responded...if I have any success will let you know :wahoo:
  2. EVERY RESPONSE to this thread has been from an account that exists only to promote that software.

    None of this thread is legitimate in any way, and that includes the OP.
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