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i tried to update the bios of my dell optiplex 740 sff, as it was updating (programing bios) the pc went to sleep, now it's stuck with amber/yellow solid light, optical drive tries to boot and fan spins high. does this mean i have to but a new mobo? can i repair/recover bios at this state?

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  1. I'd look on the mobo for the BIOS reset jumper -- usually near the coin battery.

    If you can't find it, make sure the mains power is disconnected at the wall socket and take the battery out and short the battery connector.

    Hope that does the trick otherwise may have an expensive problem.
  2. Thanks fihart - will update after i try it.
  3. hi finhart,

    i have tried it and no, it didn't work. after much search, i've read this method of recovering the corrupt bios by extracting the .hdr file from the .exe bios utility,
    the problem is maybe i'm just a noob but the " -writehdrfile " command is not working or recognized in my end. here's the link >> ..

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