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Hello. Unfortunately I have no idea if this is the best place to post but I'll try my best.

I have recently bought a LCD monitor (LG W1942T if it matters). It works great, except when I load this LCD test I get horrible "stripes" while scrolling. It resembles this image:

Now the website recommends setting clock/phase properly. By default they are both set on 50. The stripes disappear when I set phase to 90. Is it safe to change phase? I am afraid I'll damage my monitor or something by changing phase so dramatically? Help would be appreciated.
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    If it damaged your monitor the manufacturer wouldn't put the option there without at least a warning or they would be sued to hell.

    Do you not have a DVI connection you can use? Generally don't have to bother with those settings using a digital connection.
  2. Well, I do have a DVI connection I can use, but it doesn't help anything. Only thing it changes is locking the clock/phase settings, but I still get that "stripes" effect. I found out that only way to take care of it is connecting via D-Sub and configuring the phase.
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