Can i use more than one antenna to get broadcast signals?

I recently bought an indoor antenna and a small digital converter box. I pulled in about 15 channels good and 4 or 5 that break up. I am looking to put a larger antenna in the attic and run the coaxial to the tv. I only have one input on the converter box so how do i hook up a second antenna? splitter of some sort? Also I would like to get the 2nd tv set up as well, can I split everything up? ..the idea here was to get rid of evil cable company and save lots of money:)
Thanks judy
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  1. You should only need one antenna, you can split the antenna signal. (there will be some signal loss.) You can buy antenna amplifier but I find they just amplify the noise as well.
    You can split the decoder output and connect to two tv's.
    I'd first put in the antenna and connect to your current decoder.
    If all is great (20 channels) then split the signal to the other tv.( split in the attic.)
    Buy another decoder box. Enjoy
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