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Why is there a black line on my lcd tv

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
June 11, 2011 5:06:57 PM

I have a Samsung LCD TV and just noticed a thin vertical black line down the left side of my screen...does anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

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June 12, 2011 2:23:15 AM

how thin of a line?
something like a line for the aperture grill of a CRT monitor?
or something fatter?

maybe your lcd panel needed a wire to hold the panel in place while it was being made?
maybe the line is there to prevent the panel from shifting or losing its shape?

i would think either the lcd panel has a problem (maybe a bad pixel because of the liquid is broken.. or a bad pixel because the circuit to the pixel is broken)
and that might be the controllers way of saying 'i will just shut off this grid of pixels to avoid damage'
maybe the controller is bad and the line is the result of the bad controller?

one of these seems like a logical choice.
maybe there is a video camera behind the line and it has to remove the pixels so the video camera works ??!

if there ever was a video camera in the television.. i think they would do a better job of hiding it :lol: 

maybe, as i said, the panel likes to crack and that wire keeps it from cracking.
that is why i asked how thin or fat it was.
although, cracking isnt the same as a flat piece of plastic trying to roll up or bend.. and maybe that is what the wire is there for.

you bought the tv new or refurbished?
if the plastic bent and then unbent it to fix the problem.. maybe the wire was put there to prevent the plastic from bending again.
this is kinda how refurbished products can be the same as B-stock.

not really trying to bash on samsung televisions.. but this is the first time i have ever heard of a thin line down the screen.
most of the time it is a fat line down the screen.

maybe their fat line down the screen problem is the same thing as your thin line down the screen.. except your line is thinner?