I think my desktop's battery is running low

It's had trouble turning on, and the time has gone funny.

This is going to sound stupid, but I can't see the battery! I am an utter computer illiterate though.

I think the motherboard id is acpi\pnp0c02

There's a big fan mounted on to it, and I thought it could be under that. As I said though, I'm an utter novice here, and removing the fan looks like a mighty task... am I likely to ruin something while I do so? Is there any other way I could save my PC? Is there an easy way to check what battery I should be replacing, just so I can make sure I've got the right sort here when I go (google has let me down)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Quite likely advice on buying a new desktop will soon be needed too.

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  1. Your CMOS battery will look like this.

    Though, your problems may have nothing to do with your battery.

    What do you mean, it's 'gone funny'?
    What kind of trouble did it give when starting up?
  2. May well be the battery if the times is slipping and the trouble starting is because the settings for the hard drive are being lost.

    You buy coin cells like that at computers stores, hardware and office stationery stores.
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