Print in b/w even if any one color cartridge empty

Hello mates.... I have a HP Officejet 5400. This printer uses four carts. Three color and one black. The yellow cart has run out of ink, but the others are 80% full. I would like to keep using the printer for black white printing. Is there some way I could do this? Right now the printer does not allow any prints to be taken!!
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  1. Go to the Printer Properties, usually there is an option in there to chose B&W only.
  2. I can't understand your question.Do you want to print in black and white?or is it problem that your printer printing black and white instead of color ink in your printer.If you want to print,then go to properties and change the setting in black and white mode.
  3. It's like this. HP K5400 will not print in b/w or color if any one cart is empty. In my case yellow cart is empty. Other carts are almost full. I want to use the printer for b/w printing, that is, use the black cart only. How do I do that? Not possible by setting it to print in b/w mode. When the printer is powered up it does a check and reports an error because one color cart is empty. I need to know how to bypass this check!

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