Shared network drive over home group issue.

Hi guys, Networking noob here.
So I've got 2 computers both running Windows 7 (Ultimate SP1 & Home Edition).
Now both these computers are connected to the internet using WiFi.
The Wifi Router (Router-1) is on the other end of the apartment so to connect these two PC's, I used an old router (Router-2) and connected both the PCs to the router using RJ-45 cables.
Using this LAN system, I was able to create a homegroup on PC-1 and join that homegroup on PC-2. But when I am connected to the LAN, My internet (which is connected through WiFi) stops working.
Also, Using this homegroup, I wanted to share a partition on PC-1 as a network drive to exchange information between the two computers.
Is that a possibility?
Also, Is it neccesary for me to connect both the PC's through a router (Router-2)? I'm trying to understand how this works.
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    Your issue is that you have two networks setup, it sounds like router 1 and 2 are not connected together. Run an ethernet cable from router 1 to router 2, turn off DHCP on router 2. Or even get a regular switch to connect the other computes to off the first router. Another thing you can do is use the second router as a wifi extender. Check the manual or web for setting that up for your model.
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