22inch HD Gaming LCD

I need to buy a 22 inch HD LCD monitor, that will be good for gaming and movies.

Budget is ~ $ 225

i found one option that is viewsonic VX 2260wm

and another is Asus VH226H.


I need help to decide whether this option is good or not ?

is there a better lcd available? if so which one?

please suggest an option from viewsonic\samsung\benq\asus\LG only as they are available in my city..

your opinions will be appreciated..
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  1. You could check out the BenQ E2200HD. It's a 16:9 AR 22 incher, native resolution is 1920 X1080. It got good reviews. The only thing is the stand can only tilt. I dunno if this is a problem for you.
  2. I've been using the Benq E2200HD for a couple of months now and based on my experiences I can absolutely recommend it. I chose this monitor after I compared it to several other models and manufacturers and also as it got a lot of positive reviews on tech portals. Just google for benq e2200hd review and you'll see.

    I use it mainly for gaming and watching movies, but do normal desktop work like MS Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and browsing of course. Text display in MS Word and on webpages is sharp and clear, scrolling is no problem either.
    But gaming and watching movies are in fact the fields where the monitor can outdo its strengths. Brilliant colors make playing games really enjoyable. Combined with a low response time of 2ms only, this is really a lot of fun. And for movies, as it is Full HD 16:9 you can enjoy Full HD content without limitations.

    Apart from that you have an HDMI connector, so connecting to XBOX or PS2 is not problem, too.
  3. I am using the ViewSonic VX2240w and it is great
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