7200RPM ATA-6 vs. 5400RPM Ultra ATA/100

So, I have been looking to build a moderate gaming notebook since OEM manufacturars don't offer what I want for the price. I was wondering how much of a performance decrease there is from these two HDDs:

Hitachi Travelstar 7200RPM ATA-6 w/ 8Mb buffer


Seagate Momentus 5400RPM Ultra ATA/100 w/ 8Mb buffer

I want to build a notebook w/ the MSI MS-1029 Barebook. I will be putting in 1Gb of Corsair XMS PC3200 Memory, so will that help counteract the slow speed of the Momentus? Unless anyone can help me find a 7200RPM Ultra ATA/100 2.5in HDD ? Thanks.
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  1. I read an in-depth review of notebook HDs a while back. The results of their tests was that the difference between a 4200 and 5400 was huge and made more improvements to the system than anything else they did (mega RAM, faster CPU, etc). However, the difference between the 5400 and 7200 RPM drives was very small, and doubling the RAM from 512 to 1024 made a much better improvement overall. If I remember correctly, the jump in battery useage was also greater than the improvement in performance.

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  2. Hey, thanks for the info. The Momentus should be alright then.
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