Need to go from Coax or Optical to stereo outputs

I use to have an Audigy 2 card, and one night I accidently kicked my computer and it fried.

Now I find myself wanting that DTS sound again from my movies, but my speakers, Logitech Z-5300 only accepts input via three stereo cables.

I could buy another sound card, but I'm hoping there's a cheaper solution. My motherboard has onboard Coax and Optical out, so I'm wondering if there's a way to take that and turn it into the three stereo signals my speakers need.

I have searched on google for converters, but I just can't find anything.
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  1. So long as the onboard supports 5.1 sound, you should be able to configure the three rear analog ports for it. Really. Most companies are so lame they make you give up your microphone and line in jacks, which are converted to stereo rear and center/sub.

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  2. I can do that, however that does not offer the sound quality that my Audigy2 did, or that the digital outputs would. I'm hoping to get the same sound quality for less than buying a whole nother sound card.
  3. it is possible to buy a digital to analogue converter (DAC) but as for the price, it wont be too cheap. at least not for the kind of quality you seem to be looking for
  4. just get an X-Fi... oh yeah thats not super cheap though. but its a cool card!

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  5. A digital out only carries a single PCM (mono) signal so I don't think that's going to happen.

    It also operates at a different voltage than analog outs, so there's no way it would be safe.

    Finally, qualitatively, SNR levels should not be a major difference between your onboard and your PCI soundcard. The difference would exist in possible EMI (interferrence). Usually this can be cancelled out thru muting all the non-playback line outs.
  6. External Decoders cost more than sound cards. Buy a sound card.
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