Help me with gaming on a LED TV.

So I just got a Samsung 40in LED TV, Model 6300. So far I have only been able to test it out on PS3. It seems to have a shadow as the games is moving quickly like a ghost of the image for a split second which I do not notice on my roomates much older LCD Samsung. I mean its a 120 refresh rate, 1080. So I do'nt know if there is something I need to adjust with the picture setting or what but i don't like having a picture while gaming that isn't ultra crisp with no delay in an image disappearing. Can anyone help me out. I thought LED was suppose to be awesome, but if not i'll need to return this thing not paying 1,000 dollars for a TV that isn't great. Thanks guys.
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  1. LED HDTV = LCD HDTV with LED backlight instead of florescent backlight.

    Set the HDTV to 60Hz instead of 120Hz because 120Hz causes input lag. It does not operate the same way as a 120Hz PC monitor.

    Gaming monitors tend to use TN panels while HDTVs tend to use PVA or IPS tech. TN panels generally have the fastest response times for little to no ghosting effects, but they have poor viewing angles. PVA and IPS panels have wider viewing angles which is ideal for HDTVs, unless you like colors and contrasts to shift while walking past the TV or viewing the TV from off-angle.
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