Directv d12-500 receiver with dish network dish

I switched from Dish Network to Direct TV.
I have my receiver working on my old round dish from my RV - 8 years ago.
I still have the Dish Network dish hooked up to my house. Can I just re-aim it and use it, or does the LNB/dish have to come from Direct tv???
Thanks, Paul
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  1. if you are talking hd i wouldn't try it for hd i had talked to my intsaller because i amed my dish after i moved instead of waiting 2 weeks for the tech but he had said the pitch as well as the basic aiming comes into play for hd. now i did have direct tv install a dish at my old place and the installer did take down the dishnetwork dish and replace it with a directv dish . was it necessary , i don't know, but i would try it if we are talking just good old directv no hd or dvr
  2. I actually went ahead and paid a local installer to come out and put my DirectTV dish up on the roof mount and take the Dishnetwork dish down. I was told it is not only a case of angle and pitch, but the LNB's look at different satellites....and I just have standard, anyone need an old Dishnetwork dish????
    Thanks for the reply though.
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