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I had at home the HP Photosmart 7550 and after several years the print quality got pretty horrible (for photos). It's been a while since it's been used anyway so I bought a new photo printer. I donated the old one to the local Synagogue and it is not working. I have new ink in and when I go to print a test page from the printer itself and it says on the display "printing from reserve" and a blank page came out. The computer that it is on now is running Vista so I followed the instructions to install the driver for the Deskjet 5550. The driver is installed but when I click to print a test page nothing happens. If I unplug the USB cable I get the "ding" that it disconnected, but nothing is happening.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Sounds like the Deskjet 5550 driver isnt as compatible as HP says.
  2. Stupid me...I didn't follow all of HP's directions.
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