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I would like to use factory image but I have changed the gpu.

I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 and I would like to use factory image to reinstall Windows 7 64x, but I have changed my gpu to Nvidia GTX470 and the image is for ATI/AMD 5770 will I get no display or other problems? Should just do a clean install or will Windows load a driver that will work with my GTX470 because the factory image will install AMD CCC and AMD display drivers? What method of reinstall would you guys recommend for a oem pc that I bought 4/1/2010 and still using original install with a couple small issues now that it's almost a year old. I have really ever done a completely clean install with a OEM pc, so any advice would be great! I would like to use factory image due to the fact all the drivers will be installed without having to install them myself. Thanks Again for any info/help!
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    You should be able to install the image. When Win 7 starts for the first time, it will detect the GPU and install default drivers until you go to and install the current ones yourself.

    Good luck!
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