Good Gamin monitor LCD choice?

Hello to everyone here.

Im looking for a LCD monitor in the range of 22"-24" (its hard for me to chose between a 22" and a 24" because I don't know what effect it would have on my system- will it slow it down while playing games?)

Samsung and LG are prominent companies im my country. Although feel fre to name anything that's good.

Core 2 Duo 3.0Mhz
Ram 4Gb
GeForce 9800GT

Ill be using the monitor mostly for gaming - and some movies.
Also right now Im working on a CRT so I dont know much about LCDs - what is contrast ratio? which is better? and Is there a big difference between 2ms and 5ms response time.
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  1. Stick to 22" with that video card.

    Best to do your own research on the subjects, places like tftcentral and will help.

    Ignore most stated specifications like response time and contrast ratio and stick to what a decent review may say.
  2. Don't care much about the "best contrast ratios", over 800:1 of contrast ratio is OK. Careful, "Dynamic contrast ratios" are over 3000:1 and more, but I recommend to disable them. Just a marketing thing they added which I find very annoying.
    I understand that for gaming, lower response times are better. Professional gamers can see the difference between 2ms and 5ms, but I suppose noeither of us would. I know that maybe over 20ms is "not good".

    Color gamut, they are all the same, you would notice the difference putting them side by side but not in common use. Wide color gamuts are only useful for photo editing / color grading / (pros).

    Viewing angle: The image (contrast, colors) changes while you move. Big screens (>24") with narrow viewing angles can cause you to see the surroundings of the image different fromo the center. Common cheap monitors are all OK.

    Luminance, you will not like more than 100 cd/m2 if you are playing in a dark environment.

    Care about the resolution. It is not good to use an LCD in a resolution that is not its native.

    Panel (TN-PVA-IPS...) they are responsible of response time, contrast and viewing angle. For gaming the best is TN, anyway you can see that in those three items they define.

    Interface: DVI is better than VGA in image quality (less interference sometimes), but it´s not thaat different.

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