Samsung 2233SW LCD - 1:1 mapping?

1) Can someone please tell me if the Samsung 2233sw supports 1:1 pixel mapping to display gaming consoles in the original aspect ratio?

2) I am planning to buy a Samsung 2233SW LCD monitor to do double duty for my PC as well as Wii. I am planning to connect the Wii to the LCD monitor through a VGA Box(HD BOX Pro). Or should I buy an LCD TV that accepts 480p/480i through component input?

Also I am not sure how Samsung LCDs behave with the Wii. Any suggestions, inputs, experiences on LCD selection, VGA boxes or compatibility are more than welcome!

Cheers :)
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  1. Don't know. Have you tried Google?
  2. 1) Yes it does that but it is called by some other name in this monitor.
    2) Don't know.
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