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I recently purchased at 50'' LG plasma and i do alot of gaming more than tv watching. I have my xox 360 hooked up to it via HDMI.

Im a bit worried because i have been playing Mafia II alot and its barely noticable but on a plain white wash screen i can see that there is a very slight outline of the in-game radar. Theres just this little image retention of a circle. I can't see it unless i go to a plain white screen or a dark black screen with the lights turned off. I originally thought it was ghosting but im more worried now cuz i think it could be burning in. This doesn't make sense to me because the radar dissapears if the game goes into a cinematic cutscene or at a menu. Its not there 100% of the time. But alot of the time. I tried leaving it on a static snowy image to see if it got rid of it. No luck, and im gonna try a white wash next i guess. I was never warned about a "break-in" period nor did i know using "vivid" settings was bad. So my question is is this burning in or is it normal for ghosting to last and it goes away over like a week or something?
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  1. Early Plasma did this easily. It burns the phosphors screen leaving a ghost image.
    Brand new tv's have a 200 hour break in period. (if you did not follow this you have probally damaged the screen) If your still in the 200 hour period the other pixels may burn as well and ghost will go away. See below:
    I'd disconnect the Xbox right away and read my warranty.
  2. OP: You should read your TV manual. I have a 50" Pioneer plasma and the manual says to set the TV to "game" input when connected to a console. That automatically adjusts the brightness so that the image doesn't burn in, plus shifts the image periodically.
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