Headphone Jack Problem.

The problem is quite simple... When you plug your headphones into a laptop , the integrated speakers should be disabled, right?
Well, this laptop's integrated speakers don't (and it's really annoying). I don't get the usual message indicating that a jack has either been plugged or unplugged. I do get the message from the mic jack though, so I don't think that this is a software issue.
My question is: is there any way I can disable the integrated speakers permanently?
Laptop info:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Realtek HD Audio

Please Help...
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  1. check ure manual first.
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    I've got the same problem. According to the link below, it is a hardware problem, like you feared... and you have to send it in for repairs, or buy something like an external USB sound card, which might be worth it, because people are reporting repeating deaths of the headphone jack.

    For the actual question, can't you just put the internal speakers on mute?
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