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A piece fell off my hp a210n motherboard

When I took off the sides to the case that my HP a210n computer to dusk, this little piece was sitting on the bottom. does anyone know what this is and where it goes?
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    I think its just a bracket that would have gone through the board and attached something on the opposite side. I don't think it was anything important, because well if it was you wouldn't be able to use it. Grab a magnifying glass and comb over your MOBO .
  2. PS check your North or South Bridge to see if it was a bracket that attached one of them.
  3. I actually have one of these systems at home (recycled from a lady in my office getting a new PC). I'll take a look when I return there later today to see if I can locate this item.

    Is your system working well otherwise?
  4. Took a look inside my donated A210N and saw nothing on the motherboard that looks like your mystery item. By the way, how large is it (approx)?
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