No audio sound coming from my computer.

I have no sound caming from the build in speaker. My computer is Compaq presario V6000. I have windows XP pack 3. I tested the sound, the volume, and everything! I the last test that i have been done is one that say
DirectSound test results: Failure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)
What else can I do to repair de sound card? I will appreciated any recomendation!
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  1. Do first check all Windows' sound controls are ON. And look in Control Panel, Hardware, Device Manager to check if sound circuitry is present and no fault is flagged up.

    Most likely a software issue. Look for a new driver pack for the laptop from HP/Compaq support site. And refresh the sound driver in Device Manager.
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