Best under 500 dollasr computers

i like to watch megavideo..thats the one real reason why i use a computer,everything else is non-essential in a way..could you please help me find an affordable one for this kind of use?
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  1. Anything. Get the most bang for your buck. Under 800 to 1k dont even worry about manufacturer just try to get the fastest processor, most RAM, most storage that 500$ can get you.
  2. Hi check out
    I have found that they have lots of pc's under 800 .
  3. Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    If you live in the US, try MicroCenter, Tiger Direct (CompUSA), Fry's, Newegg, Best Buy. Visit the store and personally look at computers. Do some research, read reviews, and make comparisons.
  4. Don't buy HP laptops!
    Why? See:,9102.html

    Suggest --$220$130$50$50

    Total Cost = $450 plus a little for shipping (most ship free)
    Advantages -- energy efficiency, portability, ease of getting into.

    Shuttle is too-often ignored. You'll be happy with what it will do for you!

    Best wishes!
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