Frequency range of woofer

what range of frequencies should i let my LOW PASS FILTER pass to a subwoofer of 15" 500W 4ohm.
Is 100ohm and below a good choice
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  1. It depends on your mains. Typically, you want to go as low as you can without going low enough for your mains to have problems. I use a 60Hz crossover, but you might need something else. 100 is almost definitely too high (oh, and Hz is the unit for frequency, not ohms).
  2. well depends, dont it??

    i agree with cjl, u do need to watch out for ure full ranges..

    if u have a crossover, where u can choose how lond u want the cross over to be, then 100 wont be bad.

    THX recommends for u to set (if u have a receiver) 80hz as the crossover, long or short, and set your full range speakers to small.
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