Are all 120-240Hz TV capable of 3d if PC is 3d ready?

Sept 2010

Wanting to buy a 46-55" LED LCD to go with a new PC i'm building. Using 2 geforce 460s in sli and is 3d ready.

I'm noticing a price difference of about $1000 between TVs that claim 3D ready and similar TVs with same size and Hz.

Are the TVs that advertise 3D support the only ones that will work or will my GPUs be all I need as long as the TV has 120Hz or better?

Also should I look into 240Hz models or is 120Hz all that is needed/supported by 3D games/movies?

I don't want to spend the extra cash on a tv with built in gpu that supports 3d if my PC is already supplying it.

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  1. No, You'll need a 3D TV or a 3D capable TV and a box as well as special glasses.
    Read or watch this:
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    120Hz and 240Hz HDTV still only take 60Hz input. The "Hz" generally refers to video processing to enhance picture quality and motion.

    A 120Hz HDTV operates much differently from a 120Hz PC monitor which takes two 60Hz inputs; 60Hz x 2 = 120Hz.

    It is recommended you switch to 60Hz mode when playing games because the extra video processing causes input lag in games, it may also induce some blur.
  3. I want 4k not 3d tv 3d is bs to me. and that is my two cent.
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