Pioneer pdp5050hd- blue dots

Further to my question below, I did a lot of checking and it seems someone had a similar blue dot problems on a phillips which they solved by opening back and adjusting 3 potentiometers to modified voltage settings.

Anyone got ant experience or suggestions that this might solve problem? how /where to do this?
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  1. Normally over-diffusion or under-diffusion presents as red and green dots, and yes, you may by able to dial them out by sloooooowly turning the VA and VS pots up. You may have a failing Y-board, or a bad panel.

    Simple things first. Call Pioneer and check your warranty status. Get a list of servicers from them for your area. Cranking on the high-voltage sections of your power supply right off the bat may not benefit you. Danger danger danger as Steve Irwin used to say.
  2. Thanks for reply.

    Tv is 4 years old, out of waranty.
    I did call closest authorised Pioneer repair shop. Very nice to talk to. He did think about problem, did some phone call checking, and HE called me back.

    I then got a very polite but firm 20 minute discussion about how Pioneer was terrible to deal with , it would cost me a minimum of $ 500 to look at and repair with no promises of not more because Pioneer didn't really want to be helpful. He was on his own.

    He did say it might be a failing y board - no way to know with out checking and I would have to accept a potential $500 or more before he would start, So I told him I could not do this. That's reason I am checking the forums to see if anyone has experience/suggestions.

    Another forum had the pot adjustments on a Phillips to solve. Also if a y- board, is this something I can change myself. I do know a little about electrical.

    Louis Peeples
  3. Problem with dialing the pots is you need a variety of subject material playing on the screen. A black screen won't give reliable results - you need deep reds and greens also. And really overdoing it may kick the tv into protect-mode.

    Y-boards are not cheap.
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