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Hi all,

I've submitted responses through the button at the bottom of this forum but it doesn't seem to work, so I'm doing it this way.

Ubrales: Yes I checked Kodak thanks. Nothing there. I tried Recuva and it can't do its job because the camera's internal hard drive isn't showing.

Swiss: That's the problem. My computer isn't picking up my camera's internal drive. It does when I'm downloading pictures off the card or drive however. Strange huh?

johnmichle515: I'm trying to recover deleted video and images from my camera's internal drive. Does Kernal address that as I'm not familiar with the FAT and NTFS files.

Thanks all again. I guess the crux of my problem is getting my PC to see the hard drive first then the recommended software will do the job. Can't figure why the camera isn't showing up.
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    It Looks like the the problem is within the camera. If that is the case, chances are slim.
  2. I've checked the previous comments and not sure if you already tried removing the memory card before looking for the internal storage? Because the camera automatically switches to removable card when one is inserted. Just wondering if you tried that yet?

    If you you did, check if there's a firmware for that camera but it would be more likely to erase what's in the camera than retrieve your old ones, have you tried Kodak for support?
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